The KeySquare: Gentlemen, there is a better way...

We're really excited about our new product. Get yourself one of these.

Form & Function

I believe good design should be attractive and well-crafted without sacrificing function. By using strong materials and clean lines, my aim is to create a useful piece that can be enjoyed and used daily. If you’re going to use something everyday it should be good. 

The slots are designed to hold securely to a belt loop, but still able to detach easily. I have never had one come off without intentionally detaching it. 

Materials and Process

Cut and machined from a solid block of stainless steel. Not die cast. This  method produces a stronger, better quality, more consistent product than casting steel into various shapes.


Each piece is hand finished to ensure quality. It will never rust, corrode, or wear out. When you hand it down to your grandchildren, it will look like it did when you first bought it. 

As with anything that is attached to a keys, normal wear and scratches will happen. Because the KeySquare is fabricated from stainless steel, it allows any scratches to be quickly buffed out with any household scotch pad or small grit sandpaper. 

Design Features

  •  Looks good with casual or dress 
  •  No moving parts to wear out 
  •  You’ll always have a bottle opener at the ready 
  •  Small enough to fit comfortably inside a pocket 
  •  Made from durable stainless steel 
  •  Holds securely on a belt loop with enough reach to pocket your keys
  •  Made in USA

Every aspect of the project with be manufactured locally in Richmond, Va without the use of off-shore sourcing or sacrificing quality.