How to Choose the Perfect Wallet for You

Your wallet is an absolute cornerstone of your everyday carry collection and when looking at how to find the perfect wallet for you, there are all sorts of factors and considerations that you need to take into account before taking the plunge.

You should see your wallet as an investment. It’s going to spend years (or a lifetime) right there with you in your pocket so picking the right one is vitally important.

It might seem like a straightforward decision but we know from experience that so many men (and women) rue the decisions that they make when buying a new wallet and we’re here to act as Sherpas and guide you on your journey to show you how to choose the right wallet for you.  



Gone are the days where your wallet is a badge of honour whereby the more detritus you’ve managed to crowbar in there, the better. Thick, bulky, cumbersome wallets just don’t cut it anymore and it’s all about having a minimalist carry that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

Let’s face facts, most men are of the mindset that if they’ve got a big, spacious wallet, they’re going to find stuff to fill it with. It’s the same with any storage space in the home - if it’s there, you’ll fill it. This is something you need to get away from and cutting back to the bare essentials in terms of what you carry will make sure you find a much more viable, functional and versatile wallet for your requirements.

Most men don’t actually NEED to carry more than a handful of cards on a day to day basis but if we have space for more than we need, we always find something to fill the space with which just leads to a cluttered EDC and a less functional wallet. Our Ti5 wallets here at Machine Era, for example, are as streamlined as they come and strip things right back to ensure that you’re only carrying what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

They’ve got space for between 6-8 cards which, if we’re being honest, is more than we need personally but we know there are some out there who carry more than us so it’s good to have the option.


As we’re heavily involved in the EDC industry, as carriers and makers, we know just how much choice there is out there for men looking for a new wallet. All we can say here is that always go for a quality product and don’t be swayed by products which seem too good to be true from a price-point perspective because they usually are and will let you down in no time.

Look at the materials used in the construction of the wallet, consider its size and functionality because all of these will combine to ensure that it is the right wallet for your own personal requirements.

Quality materials are imperative for EDC because, by its very definition, it is something that you’ll be carrying around with you every day. This makes it much more susceptible to wear and tear and anything made from substandard materials this will soon become abundantly apparent as your wallet falls to tatters and leaves you high and dry.

A well made wallet is something that every man should have sitting in their pocket and that’s why we use aerospace (Grade 5) 6al-4v Titanium to make our Ti5 wallets. Sleek, lightweight and uber-robust, it provides a tangible quality to all of our EDC and from the minute you first clasp your hand around our wallets, you’ll realise that they’re a cut above and we’re proud to say that our quality really does speak for itself itself here at Machine Era.


Trust us, making a wallet isn’t easy. It invariably needs to be all things to all people. Perfect for your day to day use, ideal for when you travel and robust enough to last for years. This takes a lot of work and you should really think about the main way in which you’re planning to use your wallet.

Most of us, of course, will have our wallet as our day-to-day accessory, always to hand and ready to go, but others that travel more, for example, might wish to look for something that has the sort of functionality that accommodates this.

Travel wallets aren’t really the same as a day to day and most of us will opt for one wallet for our everyday needs and another for when we’re hitting the road in search of adventure.

Our wallets are Machine Era Co are, if we do say so ourselves, are a real Jack of all trades because they’re lightweight, stylish, robust and cool and the demographics that fall for our EDC spans the gamut - a source of much satisfaction to us because it must mean we’re doing something right!


Whilst we make our wallets out of the very best metals (aluminium and titanium) here at Machine Era Co, we know that there are a lot of other great materials used in the construction of wallets out there and it is something which, ultimately, comes down to personal preferences and style choices.

Whether it’s a traditional material like leather or something much more modern like carbon fiber, the amount of choice afforded to men when choosing their wallets today is astronomical and when picking yours, think about function and ergonomics and ensure that whatever material you choose fits in well with your day to day because there are few accessories which you reach for more than that of your wallet - so it pays to pick wisely.

At Machine Era Co we choose to make our wallets from titanium and aluminium for a number of reasons - not least because we really love working with these materials - but also due to the reliability, durability and sleek aesthetics that they afford and we think the popularity of our wallets is testament to the fact that other men seem to be in agreement with this.

As we say though, we know not all men will want a metal wallet and it is merely a question of thinking about which material you are most comfortable with and the sort of aesthetic that you demand from a wallet.


Before picking your next wallet, try and be organised and go for a wallet that fits your needs and not one that you need to alter your routine for. A wallet is there to make your life easier and any that fails to do this doesn’t deserve a spot in your pocket.

Most men will be looking to make a statement with their wallet, of course, but any visuals should not be at the expense of functionality and reliability because any wallet can look great but not all will provide the sort of performance that you’ll demand from it on a day to day basis.

We like to think that we’ve struck the perfect balance between form and function with our wallets here at Machine Era Co, admirably illustrated by our latest release, the AL7 Wallet, and we’re able to offer something that suits any taste in terms of color and materials. What we as men typically carry on a daily basis nowadays is so stripped back from what was the case five or ten years ago that a wallet needn’t be the chunky monstrosity that use to weigh us down.

The streamlining of wallets has been a gradual process but one that men the world over have definitely been appreciative of because the size of wallets was getting ridiculous and the fact remains, with the prevalence of contactless technology and other innovations, most of us get by with carrying just a handful of cards. And, for this, a Machine Era Co wallet is the perfect choice.


So, hopefully some of the tips above will help you in your efforts to find the perfect wallet for you. Choosing a wallet isn’t easy but we like to think our USA made ones are amongst the best in the business and you can take a look at our full selection HERE.