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Machine Era Slim Wallet | Stainless Steel


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Introducing the Machine Era Co. Wallet in stainless steel. This ultra minimalist wallet is the same tried and true design as our Ti5 Wallets (titanium). The new stainless alloy used in this series has the same strength properties as titanium with a slightly higher weight. 

By utilizing these superior properties we are able to create an ultra-light, ultra-durable, RFID-blocking, bottle-opening wallet that is utilitarian and comfortable to carry. 

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  • RFID Protection
  • Thumb Slot + Bottle Opener
  • Holds up to 7 Cards 
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel | Resilience & Flexibility 
  • Finish | Hand finished and Corrosion proof
  • Design | Excellent Function, Even Better Form. 

RFID Protection
If you have a credit card with chip technology, RFID protection is a must. Protect yourself.

Thumb Slot / Bottle Opener 
One of the best features of the Ti5 design is the rear thumb slot. Not only does it allow for quick access to whatever you keep at the back of your wallet – it opens bottles too.
    Clean lines give it strong form. Superior material and crafting give it excellent function. The high-quality elastic band is seamlessly integrated into the clean lines and contours of the titanium body. Rounded edges provide in-pocket comfort.

    Weight- 1.2 oz
    Length- 3.4"
    Width- 2.25"
    Thickness- 0.28"