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Good design should be attractive and well-crafted without sacrificing function. By using strong materials and clean lines, we wanted to create a useful piece that can be enjoyed and used daily. If you’re going to use something everyday it should be good. 

The slots are designed to hold securely to a belt loop, but still able to detach easily.

On this new version, we added a belt loop tab for more staying power. 

Materials and Process

Cut and machined from a solid block of stainless steel. Not die cast. This method produces a stronger, better quality, more consistent product than casting steel into various shapes.


Each piece is blasted to create an attractive, even matte finish.


Design Features

  •  Looks good with casual or dress 
  •  No moving parts to wear out 
  •  You’ll always have a bottle opener at the ready 
  •  Small enough to fit comfortably inside a pocket 
  •  Holds securely on a belt loop with enough reach to pocket your keys
  •  Each piece is made in the USA. By us.
  •  Weight: 1 ounce