Machine Era Pen | Black Cerakote

Machine Era Pen | Black Cerakote

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Short Run Series (Limited Quantity)

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For this special edition pen, we've taken the body of our original solid brass version and applied oven cured graphite black Cerakote (industrial grade firearms coating). It's the perfect pairing of extremely corrosion resistant/durable ceramic finish with the heft of solid brass.


  • The brass body provides a hefty weight, balance, and exceptionally satisfying in-hand feel 
  • Coated with H-Series Graphite Black Cerakote  
  • Ink is delivered by the well-loved Pilot G2 cartridge (included)
  • Also fits any standard size Uni-ball cartridge (jetstream, signo)
  • Different line weights and colors are readily available
  • Compact design for everyday carry
  • Precision machined in house from solid brass
  • A threaded cap keeps ink where you want it, and not where you don’t
  • Cap can be screwed on the back of the body while in use
  • No rubber O-rings or moving parts that wear out
  • Laser engraved logo


Durable and versatile, the Machine Era Pen is made to go with you everyday – whether you are jotting action points in a meeting, filling journal pages after a good trip, or our personal favorite, sketching fresh designs for future releases.


  • Length (capped)- 4.6 inches
  • Length (open)- 4.3 inches
  • Width- 0.40 inches
  • Weight- 1.6 oz