Ti5 Slim Wallet

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Introducing the Machine Era Co. Ti5 Wallet. Our premium EDC card carrier. It's the slimmest, lightest, and strongest you’ll find out there. 

The Ti5 has been years in the making. It's an evolution of our extremely popular original Machine Era Wallet. After years of making metal wallets, we narrowed down the best aspects of this design. By utilizing the superior properties of aerospace (Grade 5) 6al-4v Titanium, we were able to create an ultra-light, ultra-durable, bottle-opening, good-looking, all-around superb piece of kit.

Everyday objects should be enjoyed no matter how utilitarian they may be. That's why we designed this wallet. 

The thumb slot doesn’t just give you quick access to interior cards,
it opens bottles too.


  • Thumb Slot + Bottle Opener
  • Holds 7 Cards 
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium | Resilience & Flexibility 
  • Finish | Hand finished and Corrosion proof
  • Design | Excellent Function, Even Better Form. 
Thumb Slot / Bottle Opener 
One of the best features of the Ti5 design is the rear thumb slot. Not only does it allow for quick access to whatever you keep at the back of your wallet – it opens bottles too.
    Flexibility & Durability
    The 6al-4v alloy we use is certified aerospace grade. It has an extremely high strength to weight ratio which means the Ti5 Wallet is insanely thin and light without sacrificing durability.
    It's hard to bend this wallet, but if you do, the memory of this alloy enables it to spring back to its proper shape.
    We believe in celebrating the beauty of a material. Because of the extremely high corrosion resistance, there is no need for coating. The alloy looks great without coating and it will never rust or oxidize.
    Clean lines give it strong form. Superior material and crafting give it excellent function. The high-quality elastic band is seamlessly integrated into the clean lines and contours of the titanium body. Rounded edges provide in-pocket comfort.

    Weight- 0.6 oz
    Length- 3.4"
    Width- 2.25"
    Thickness- 0.28"