7 Essential Pieces of Every Day Carry for Fall Adventures

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

The road trip is a rite of passage for most adventurous souls and, quite frankly, there is no better canvas on which to paint your road trip masterpiece than the United States in Fall. We love to travel at Machine Era and we know the importance of making sure we travel equipped to ensure any adventures go off without a hitch.

Eclectic, mesmerising and filled with adventure, the highways of our fair country will leave you in no doubt that you’re in for an experience of a lifetime as you traverse the open roads and delve into new exploits and meet new people day in, day out. But, as with everything in life, it pays to be prepared, so we’ve compiled our definitive guide for the top 7 pieces of everyday carry for your fall adventures.

Needless to say, these everyday carry essentials that you’ll want to packing away when you hit the high road will depend on just which part of the States you’re navigating this fall but we’ve aimed to cover all the bases and have included some super cool and supremely functional bits of everyday carry that no man can do without when taking in the glorious sights and sounds that America has to offer over the next couple of months:


We all know that, so far as everyday carry is concerned, your wallet is the cornerstone item so it’s imperative that you make the right choice. Whilst, yes, we may be biased here but you’re simply not going to find a more robust and stylish wallet than one of our Machine Era Ti5 wallets that will be with you every step of the way for your adventures this fall.

Our Ti5 Wallets are crafted from aerospace (Grade 5) 6al-4v Titanium and sealed with a black ‘Diamond Like Carbon’ (DLC) PVD coating and you might be wondering what this means for your fall trips into the wild. Well, put simply, they’re built to last and regardless of the escapades that you find yourself with in the great outdoors over the next couple of months, the Ti5 will be right there beside you, looking awesome and keeping your cards in check.

Grab yours HERE.


Another staple of your everyday carry for your fall road trips into the wild is that of a watch. We’re proud to be a brand that makes our products right here in USA so we had to go with an American watchmaker here with this particular piece of EDC. Oak & Oscar are a Chicago based purveyor of small batch watches and their latest release, the Sandford, will be the ideal wrist accessory for keeping on top of time this fall.

The Sandford watch from Oak & Oscar has a Swiss made movement that is tested and assembled in the USA and boasts robust materials used in its construction which will withstand any elements you encounter whilst traversing woodland terrains or relaxing at a lakeside cabin this fall. Stylish, wonderfully well crafted and USA made - a brand we’ve definitely got a lot of time for here at Machine Era.

Pick one up HERE.


A pocket full of Paleo Bars from Primal Pantry is one piece of EDC that you’re going to want if your fall adventures involve any sort of hiking or trekking because these brilliantly branded bars are perfect for filling any hunger holes from physical exertion. Made in the right way, free from any junk and GMOs, these delicious bars will be the fuel for keeping your adventures on track over the next few months.

Available in a variety of different flavors including Coconut & Macadamia Raw Paleo, Cocoa Orange Primal Protein and Apple & Pecan Paleo Bars. The healthiness of these bars can be used to balance out the quantities of craft beers that you could and should be imbibing on your fall trips because, let’s face, no trip is complete without a craft beer. Or twelve.

Line your pockets with Paleo Bars HERE.


Yeah, we all take pictures of our adventures - and that’s one of the main parts of the enjoyment - but if you really want to document them properly, grabbing a journal and writing down your day to day during the trip is the best solution. For this, you need a pen. Our Zero Gravity Field Pen here at Machine Era might just be mightier than the sword and it will definitely be an essential piece of everyday carry for making notes and properly remembering exactly what went down during your autumn travels.

Our Zero Gravity Pen truly is an EDC essential in every sense of the word and we’re rightly proud of the craftsmanship that has gone into it and the finished product. With excellence at its core, our Field Pen should be in the pocket of any autumn adventurer as it’s crafted from

300 Series Stainless Steel - which means it will never corrode or rust - with a clip that is machined from the highest grade aircraft aluminum making it a secure fit in your pocket and ready whenever you are.

Start scribbling, pick yours up HERE.


With the pen sorted, you can turn your attention to where you’re going to keep your notes. Well, look no further than the Adventure Log Notebook from WORD which not only gives you somewhere to jot your thoughts and observations from your Fall fun but also provides great pre-printed charts, bucket lists and other bits to fill in to make sure you really do make it a trip to remember.

Capturing the spirit of adventure will be much easier if you’ve got the right journal and this great offering from WORD - made in collaboration with Bradley Mountain, another great USA made company - has got the lot. Compact enough to meet your everyday carry needs and with 48 pages ready and waiting to be filled with whatever escapades you find yourself on during your road-trips or wilderness retreats.

Bag your journal HERE.


We’re obviously big fans of our craft beer here at Machine Era Co but there’s probably a couple of caveats here insomuch as craft beer probably can’t properly be construed as everyday carry (who cares, it’s definitely coming on any fall adventures we’re going on) and secondly, we’re gone for a brewer based in our own backyard here in Richmond with the always excellent Strangeways Brewing.

With a number of cracking craft ales under their belts including a mouth-watering Belgian white beer called Albino Monkey, which we can’t recommend enough, and a more German style offering with a wheaty kick that goes by the name of Überlin Berliner Weisse. No matter where you’re headed on your adventures this fall, it wouldn’t be the same without kicking back with some craft beers when you get where it is you’re going! And fear not, your Ti5 Wallet has got a bottle opener to liberate these suckers.

See all Strangeways beers HERE.


Every piece of everyday carry that you take on your fall adventures should have a purpose. It just happens that our Machine Era Multi Tool has plenty and it will be ready and waiting to lend a hand whenever you need it in a pinch. The whole point of going on an adventure is to get yourself into unknown situations and environments but that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t come prepared for them. That’s where the Machine Era Multi comes in!

With a Philips head and flat head screwdriver, pry wedge, bottle opener (another means of getting those beers open if your Ti5 isn’t to hand) and a 1 inch rule to allow you to carry out any running repairs that you may encounter during your trip. Crafted from a solid block of 6al-4v titanium, the Machine Era Multi is a lightweight and unobtrusive piece of everyday carry and one that should be in your pocket for any planned adventures over the next few months.

Pick yours up HERE.