Brands We Love: Filson

At Machine Era Co, we are rightly proud of our American made products and, as such, will always lookout for other brands with USA in their blood and, without question, one that really resonates with us is that of Filson, one of the country's finest and most recognized purveyors of top quality outerwear, bags and accessories.

Filson is a brand that we're familiar with personally at Machine Era as we're regularly adding their exceptional wares to our own wishlists and we know we're not alone because this fantastic lifestyle brand has become one of the States' best loved apparel and accessories sellers. And with good reason.

We're going to take a little look behind the history of Filson and why we're such big fans of their impeccable selection of understated and finely crafted wares at Machine Era Co. For anyone out there who loves USA made goods that are not only crafted in the right way, from the best materials but also boast unparalleled style and performance, Filson should be a brand on your radar - that is if it's not already!

Built To Last

The first thing that will immediately become apparent when you lay hands on a product from Filson is the tangible quality that it has and you'll instantly know that it was built to last. This quality hasn't happened overnight, it's been as a result of a long and illustrious history as one of America's leading clothing and accessories brands and it is upon these solid foundations that Filson's reputation remains so strong today.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Filson is a brand with a backstory that is just about as engaging as they come and underpins why they put so much emphasis on ensuring the high quality of their apparel and accessories just as much today as they did over a century ago.

Filson is a brand which, like many things in the States, emerged as a consequence of the Gold Rush of the late 1890s when the company founder, C.C Filson, opened up the C.C. Filson's Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers, which specialized in crafting goods to outfit the stampeders of the Klondike Gold Rush, using the same warming products that you'll find in their products today such as Tin Cloth and warm Mackinaw Wool.

Honest, Quality Goods for Outdoor Lovers

The USA made goods from Filson are made with lovers of the great outdoors at the forefront of their thinking and this shines through in both the designs of their apparel and accessories but also in the materials with which they are crafted. With a dedication to use only the best materials which they can obtain, Filson have really established a reputation amongst wilderness lovers for delivering the sort of outerwear and accessories that you can rely on in a pinch and which last the distance.

As a brand, Filson have become utterly synonymous with reliability and this is a hard earned reputation which has been underpinned by the fact they have maintained such a high quality for over 100 years. We spend a lot of time in the great outdoors here at Machine Era Co so finding a brand as reliable as Filson is definitely something that we appreciate because when you're tackling a rainstorm or it's blowing a gale, you're going to want your outerwear to have your back and all their apparel certainly does.

Filson have an exquisite selection of goods that any outdoorsman would appreciate whether this be coats and jackets to boots and socks (and everything in between) so whenever we've got adventure afoot at Machine Era Co and find ourselves in need of new gear, it's brands just like Filson which we inevitably rely upon.

Admirable Philosophy

There is a distinctly admirable philosophy behind the wares that Filson produce - namely, 'what worked then, still works now' and this is something that the brand's founder, C.C Filson, summed up exceptionally well:

"The goods we quote must not be confounded with the cheap and vastly inferior grade with which the market is over-run. Such goods are not only useless for the purpose for which they are intended, but the person wearing them would be better off without them."

C.C Filson said these words almost exactly 100 years ago (in 1914) and they ring just as true for the brand today as they did all those years ago and remain an ethos that they stand by now and always. This is something that consumers should appreciate because it means they'll never put inferior quality goods on the market and always strive to deliver nothing but the best.

At Machine Era Co, we're appreciative of both USA made brands and those who put time and effort into crafting their products in the right way (as we strive to do) and Filson are very much after our own heart in this respect. The calibre of their outerwear, apparel and accessories is second to none and we don't hesitate to recommend this brand to lovers of the great outdoors because we know they use the best materials and the finished products don't disappoint. 

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