The Definitive Guide to the Best Men's Gear Websites

Knowledge is power as they say and we don’t claim to be experts in all things men’s gear here at Machine Era Co and that’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite men’s gear and lifestyle sites that we regularly read to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest goings on around everyday carry and men’s gear.

There’s always new, cool pieces of men’s gear from wallets to pens and everything in between that we’re wanting to get our own hands on and we use the great selection of men’s lifestyle sites out there to keep our fingers on the pulse and ensure we don’t miss a trick in crafting our own great selection of everyday carry accessories.

Take a look through our list of the best men’s gear sites for those guys who love their gadgets, everyday carry and other essentials and be sure to let us know if there’s any you think should be added to the list!


One of the biggest, and definitely one of the best, men’s gear sites out there. Uncrate has got all the bases covered when it comes to finding great new pieces of everyday carry and has some really great new brands and products that you just don’t find anywhere else. Certainly one of the older men’s gear sites out there, Uncrate was founded back in 2005 and they’ve been delivering excellence for over a decade now.

Gear Patrol

Founded in 2007 by Eric Yang and Ben Bowers, Gear Patrol has drawn men, moth-like, to their pages due to the quality of their writing and diversity of the products that they cover. With a heavy emphasis on great photography, this is one men’s gear site that we love to peruse at Machine Era Co and whether it’s watches, wallets or other cool EDC that you’re looking to find, this is the place to do it.

The Coolector

Endeavoring to cover all of the different things that men will find interesting from everyday carry through to architecture and design, The Coolector began back in 2013 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Aiming to supply an unbiased and fun take on all of the great products that they come across, The Coolector has become one of the leading destinations for men’s gear enthusiasts in the UK and further afield.

The Awesomer

Keeping things short and sweet, The Awesomer is a great port of call for those men who like their sites updated with great regularity with new items and the focus on everything under the sun pretty much makes this fantastic site a real crowd pleaser. We often find ourselves gravitating towards The Awesomer at Machine Era Co because there are always great new pieces of EDC and other excellent accessories to be found on their pages.

Bless This Stuff

Spanning the gamut of men’s gear, Bless This Stuff is a European men’s gear site that often finds products that you don’t find elsewhere and this is something that ensures it warrants a place in our list of the best men’s gear sites. Bless This Stuff has a tagline of “
stuff we drool about” and after just a few minutes on their site, you’ll see that it’s a suitable description of their cool hunting capabilities.

Acquire Magazine

Perhaps a little more fashion orientated and high end than the other men’s gear sites on our list, Acquire Magazine is no less excellent and for those who want a regular fix of some of the coolest gadgets, fashion and EDC on the market right now, you’ll find it on the well curated pages of Acquire Magazine. Launched back in 2006, Acquire Magazine is a decade on and still producing quality posts on a day to day basis - which is impressive enough in its own right!

Gear Hungry

So far as conventional EDC essentials are concerned, Gear Hungry is one of the ultimate resources for men looking to ramp up their everyday carry credentials. From wallets to pocket knives and all of the other bits and pieces that most of today’s modern men will want to see residing in their pockets, Gear Hungry is often one of the first places that we find out about them. Focusing on well-made goods, Gear Hungry is certainly aligned with our mindset here at Machine Era Co and rightly takes it place in our list of the best men’s gear websites out there.

Gear Moose

Very much along the same lines as Gear Hungry, Gear Moose has a preoccupation with cool everyday carry and technology for the most part. A very well curated selection of products that is regularly updated with new wares to be enjoyed, Gear Moose is a firm favorite around the Machine Era Co workshop and, given that it is one that really does focus on the sort of EDC that we craft, impossible to ignore in our list of the top men’s gear websites out there.

Men’s Journal

A magazine look and feel to Men’s Journal really sets it apart in our list and whilst it’s not a site specifically focused on men’s gear, it
does have it’s own section dedicated entirely to it so it’s definitely a worthy entry in our list. Men’s Journal is aimed at affluent men who enjoy an active lifestyle and time spent in the great outdoors and their choice of men’s gear products to cover reflects this. Great camping essentials, robust EDC and a collection of cool gadgets and technology keep us coming back to Men’s Journal time and time again at Machine Era Co.

Huckberry Journal 

Though Huckberry are better known as a purveyor of awesome wares through their online store, we love them for their exceptional journal here at Machine Era Co. It may not have the same format as the other sites on our list because there is a much greater emphasis on lifestyle posts about everything from surfing through Siberia to RV adventures in the Sawtooth Mountains but it’s in these posts that you’ll see great men’s gear, all photographed superbly to add to the engagement levels.