The Everyday Carry Pen Buying Guide

The world may well be hurtling towards being entirely digital with the art of handwriting becoming a dying artform but we’re not subscribers to that way of life at Machine Era Co and think you simply can’t beat the tangible feeling of holding a good quality pen in your hand.

Choosing a pen for your everyday carry is an important undertaking for any modern man because, quite frankly, you’re never going to be able to replace the pen when it comes to quickly jotting down thoughts or creative urges and that’s why we will always champion its cause.

When it comes to picking the right pen for you and your day to day requirements, there are a few basic things which you can bear in mind that will help you make the right decision. We’ve compiled our pen buying guide for EDC below and hope it will help you find the perfect writing instrument for your needs.


Owning a good quality, well crafted pen should be something that all men consider because it is the sort of EDC that was once a mainstay of our pockets but which, sadly, is in decline with the ever growing digital movement.

We’re not against the digital world, of course, we just like the satisfaction of making handwritten notes and writing journals so, it stands to reason, we’ve got an affection for one of the most fundamental pieces of everyday carry there is - the humble pen.

But what should you be looking for when making the decision to buy a new pen for yourself? Well, you may be surprised at just how many factors have a bearing on finding the right pen for you so we’ll do our best to cover the basics to buying the right pen for your EDC roster.

Here’s what you should be looking for in any pen that you’re purchasing over the next few months:


A feature that any pen should have, in order to warrant a place in your EDC line up, is that of versatility. A pen that can be used for any reason and any occasion will be your ideal ally and you don’t want to choose one that’s going to let you down when it comes down to it.

Pens are, of course, available in a vast array of styles, materials and other differentiating factors but it’s a good idea to make a decision based upon your own day to day requirements and how this essential piece of EDC is likely to be used.

For example, if you’re the sort that will be using their pen in a workshop or the great outdoors for example, the materials and style of pen that you pick will be different and will need to be more robust than those looking for a pen to use on their daily commute. Fortunately, there are pens to suit all requirements and you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you by considering the key factors.

A pen that is versatile is one that will always be at your side and whether it’s an adventure into the woods or your regular commute into the office you’re embarking on, it won’t let you down. Our Original Pen at Machine Era is a great example of a versatile solution as it delivers in through the well-loved Pilot G2 cartridge but it also

fits any standard size Uni-ball cartridge (jetstream, signo) to ensure you have no troubles when it comes to replacing the cartridge.


A pen that forms part of your EDC really can’t just be any old pen. It needs to have something about it. A tangible quality that makes it worthy of your daily usage and the sort of accessory that is built to last. There are, of course, an awful lot of pens which are built to be more or less disposal - use them until their done and throw them in the trash. This is fine but when talking of the pen that you carry about with you on a day to day basis, it won’t do and you need to ramp up the quality considerably.

The first thing to think of when it comes to pen quality is that of the materials used in its construction. Here at Machine Era Co, for example, our pens are made out of brass or stainless steel for that extra weight that any good pen should have and the sort of durable exterior required to withstand regular usage as being part of your EDC.

Additionally, we use other first class features in our pens at Machine Era - our Field Pen, for example, writes in zero gravity, is completely waterproof and comes with a  Schmidt Megaline pressurized cartridge. We understand that not all pens need to have this level of craftsmanship but for when you’re pushing the boat out and want a pen that stays with you in your pocket at all times, it’s nice to have the option of this sort of quality and excellent materials.


Similarly to a need for quality, your choice of pen for your EDC line up needs also to be reliable - particularly if you’re going to be using it regularly and for important work. For example, an architect on a site visit who needs to take notes about measurements, materials etc will unquestionably benefit from having a top quality pen that they can rely on and will get the job done no matter what.

This level of reliability comes again from the quality of the materials used in the pens construction and for today’s modern man, having a good quality, well made pen in their pocket should go without saying. It’s fine to use more generic pens when you get to the office, college or in your own home but when you’re writing something that matters, it is great to have a more tactile, tangible pen in your hand.

The pen is a staple of the modern man’s EDC and as long as you opt for one that has reliability, it will remain a mainstay of your accessory line up. We’ve recently got into pen manufacturing here at Machine Era Co and we’ve seen first hand all the different ways you can craft a pen to deliver a fantastic finished product. We believe are pens are amongst the most reliable and robust on the market and ideal for any adventurist out there.


We’re going to be spending a lot more time in the workshop at Machine Era Co making more robust, stylish pens for your EDC and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store.