First edition press.


Let your fellow drunks know you mean business by popping the top on your next brew with the steel bottle opener. Manually machined from cold formed steel, each opener is hand-stamped with the production number, and then finished in a dark gun blue before receiving a coat of wax to keep rust away. A tanned leather strap provides the finishing touch on this sturdy drinking companion.

Need Supply Co.

Handmade bottle opener made by Adam Hogsett. Opener is lightly coated with wax and hand stamped with it's production number. Leather  strap for hanging or carrying.


 Most bottles don’t require a heavy-duty carbon steel opener, but that shouldn’t preclude you from using one. After all, you never want to be the guy who brings a knife to a gun fight- you wan’t to be the guy who brings a tank and throws it around like a boss. As near as we can tell, the tank of the bottle opener world is none other than the plainly named Industrial Bottle Opener. The Industrial Bottle Opener is manually machined from cold formed steel and stamped with its own production number. To ensure maximum durability, each opener is finished with a waxy, rust-proof coating. And for practicality’s sake, each opener is fitted with a quality leather strap. Be warned, the Industrial Bottle Opener is not for wusses- it weighs about as much as a medium-sized aircraft carrier, so hit the gym before purchasing.

Grassroots Modern

I have a lot of little obsessions in life, and bottle openers are definitely one of them. For some reason I am always looking for just the right one. I’m really liking the raw look of these bottle openers made by Adam Hogsett. Each one is manually machined from cold formed steel and hand stamped with the production number. The finish is a darkened steel with a thin coat of wax to prevent any rusting. The whole thing is only 3″ long, so it’s not too bulky, but I’m sure it has a very satisfying heft to it.