Field Pen Bolt | Black Nitride


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Introducing V2 of our Bolt Action Field Pen (originally released in 2017). This redesigned model sports cleaner lines and now accepts all standard Parker style ink cartridges. 

The Field Pen is specifically designed to be your everyday writing tool. It's reliable, perfectly balanced, sports clean lines, solid construction, and is piece of EDC you'll love to carry. It's compact and durable with a solid in-hand feel. The shape of the bolt slot follows natural motion and allows for smooth action.


Fully machined from solid stock. That means every side and angle has been machine cut. By using Swiss-type turning techniques, we're able to deliver parts that are extremely accurate (tenth of a thousandth of an inch). Not only is precision important for mechanical parts, it also creates a flawless finish on the pen body. 

After running through many different Parker size ink cartridges, we've settled on the Itoya Aquaroller as the best choice for this writing tool. The 0.7mm acid free gel ink flows onto your writing surface like no other. It's reliable, and starts flowing as soon as it hits the paper. No scribbling to get it going. Made in Japan.


The clip is cut from 7000 series high yield strength aluminum. By utilizing the properties of this material coupled with design, we were able to create a part that is rigid, but still have a little bit of flex. Perfect for sliding into a pocket.

 Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 1.5oz / 42.5
  • Diameter: 0.400" / 10mm
  • Length: 4.81" / 122mm


Compatible Cartridges (all standard Parker style)

  • Itoya Aquaroller (included)
  • Fisher Space Pen SPR4
  • Schmidt P900
  • Schmidt Easyflow
  • Unibene Gel
  • Montverde ballpoint