Field Pen | Click


***Limited Quantity Available***

The Click uses the same body as our new Field Pen Twist. The mechanisms are interchangeable.  


Introducing the all new Field Pen: A click activated, balanced, unique single body design with a fully machined Titanium clip.

Machined from solid bar, it lays at the intersection of aerospace parts and precision tooling. After a year of design and prototyping, we've got a design that is up to task. Perfectly balanced, and more compact than most machined pens, the unique single body design allows for maximum durability with no plastic parts. Cartridges are rear loaded and captured by a ball and channel mechanism assembly. The finger purchase is a square cut ridged pattern for maximum grip and comfort.

Incorporated in this new design is our new fully machined titanium 6AL-4V clip. It's solid, flexible, functional, and finished with a multi-step polishing process to match the body. In order to keep it from twisting or coming loose, it's pinned in place for maximum stability. 

Compatible with all Parker style refills. 

Note: If you like some weight to your pens, brass and DLC are going to be the versions you're looking for.

  • Fully machined grade 5 Titanium clip
  • Unique single body design
  • All metal ball and channel click mechanism
  • Square cut front grip
  • Fits all Parker style cartridges
  • Tight tolerance tip
  • Compatible with our Twist mechanisms 

Size and Weight:
0.375" x 4.9"
Brass: 1.5oz
Ti: 1oz