Field Pen | Compact


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Our Field Pens are specifically designed to be your everyday pen. 0.35" shorter and 0.2 oz lighter than the original; the Compact sports the same 0.4" diameter at the grip, but we've reduced the size and weight with tapers and curves in all the right places. The .002" sliding tolerance on the button ensures smooth action and satisfying click. 

Designed to take any D1 Type refill, it's our most versatile pen yet. Whether you prefer a heavy or light line weights, gel ink, or standard, you'll be able to use your favorite type. Comes preloaded with the all around good writer- Schmidt S635

The Compact is designed to be able to easily swap cartridges. The rear mounted mechanism assembly unscrews from the body with just a few turns, enabling you to change over to different types, or colors of ink in a matter of seconds.

Fully machined from solid stock. That means every side and angle has been machine cut. By using Swiss-type turning techniques, we're able to deliver parts that are extremely accurate (tenth of a thousandth of an inch). Not only is precision important for mechanical parts, it also creates a flawless finish on the pen body. 

The clip is cut from 7000 series high yield strength aluminum. By utilizing the properties of this material coupled with design, we are able to create a part that will flex and spring back into shape. Perfect for sliding into a pocket.

Available in Solid Brass, Stainless Steel, and Black DLC (coated Stainless). Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) is a type of PVD coating, it’s impact resistant, and almost impossible to scratch. DLC coatings are used in sectors that require highly precise and extremely durable components – it's commonly used in performance racing, aircraft, firearm, and fine watch industries.

Note: Brass will age and patina to a spent-shell-casing, golden brown

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight (Brass): 1.3oz / 36.8g
  • Weight (Stainless): 1.1oz /31.2g 
  • Diameter: 0.400" / 10.16mm
  • Length: 4.12" / 104.14mm