Heavy Shot | Shotglass Set


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We believe a drinking vessel should be of the same quality as your finest drink.

Our take on the iconic shot glass- each part is machined from a solid piece 304 stainless steel. Every taper, curve and chamfer has been designed with your enjoyment in mind.

With an empty weight of 4.1 ounces, the heft will remind you that what you’re drinking out of is not the average shot glass. We left a bit of extra room near the top for those of you who like a bit more than than the standard American 44ml single. The Heavy Shot holds a solid 60, making it the perfect sipping and tasting glass. In this case, bigger is better.


Sold in packs of two.


Design Features & Dimensions:

  • Machined from solid 304 Stainless steel
  • Comfortably holds 60ml of your favorite liquor
  • Each vessel weighs in at 4.1oz 
  • Heavy duty 1/16" thick wall 
  • 2.175" tall
  • O.D. taper- 2" at the lip, down to 1.650" at the bottom