Machine Era | Pencil


After many years of requests for a mechanical pencil, we're finally delivering. This beautiful piece of engineering has been a long time in the making. It's functional, balanced, compact, and fit for use no matter what your trade is.

Machined from solid bar, it's perfectly balanced, and compact in size.  Pencil lead can be loaded behind the eraser (no disassembly required). The finger flat and square cut ridged pattern allows for maximum grip and comfort while in use.

Incorporated in this new design is our fully machined titanium 6AL-4V clip. It's solid, flexible, functional, and polished. In order to keep it from twisting or coming loose, it's pinned in place for maximum stability. 

  • Refill pencil lead can be easily loaded by removing the eraser
  • Tapered no-play tip for tight spots
  • Square cut round grip 
  • Finger grip flat for comfort and accuracy
  • High quality, long life eraser by Uniball / Mitsubishi
  • Mechanics by Schmidt / DSM 2006 Feinminen System
  • 0.5 cartridge system (also available in 0.7)

Note: If you like some weight to your writing tools, brass or stainless is going to be the version you're looking for.

Size and Weight: 0.375" x 5.2"
Ti: 0.8oz
Brass: 1.3oz
Stainless: 1.3oz