Machine Era | TEK


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We’re proud to introduce the Machine Era TEK- A sleek, solid, single body writing tool. Fully machined from solid stainless steel stock, this Itoya/Parker style instrument uses a click mechanism to engage the cartridge.
To ensure a super smooth satisfying click action, we’ve bored the mechanism section to an extremely accurate inside diameter and surface finish. The TEK uses any standard Parker style refill, but comes pre-loaded with the much loved Itoya (acid free) gel Aquaroller refill.

We’ve come up with an all new finish for this one. Our new multi-step process creates the visual effect of matte with metal flake while being completely smooth to the touch.

Grip and feel:
For visual appeal, the graph paper pattern grip is fully machine cut, not knurled displaced metal. The weight balance/center of mass is placed just behind the grip, making it slightly front weighted for ease of use and downward pressure. The in-hand feel of this design is compact but solid. It’s about the same weight as our other writing tools, but we’ve gone with a slightly smaller diameter. 

The made in USA spring steel clip is located on the body by a 3D machined pocket to ensure it stays in place and is visually integrated into the one piece design. 

Weight: 1.3 oz
Size: 5.15" x 0.37"