Machine Era Wallet | Solid Brass


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When we set out to design a modern wallet, we wanted something that was simple, functional, and felt good to handle. Not being satisfied with what's out there, we decided to rethink how we carry our important everyday objects. After months of prototyping and testing different designs, we tweaked the Machine Era Wallet into something we absolutely love to carry.


Solid Brass

When we think of brass, what comes to mind is old school woodworking tools and nautical instruments. Why not wallets? There's something about the look and feel that's unique. These are left uncoated to reveal the beauty and character of the material. Within a few days the brass will start to acquire an aged natural patina.



  • Securely holds 2-6 cards with a simple elastic band
  • Cash and business cards can be easily strapped on the back or front for easy access
  • The slim design is barely noticeable in front or rear pocket
  • Weighs in at a hefty 3.9 oz
  • Durability. With a back wall thickness of 0.065", It will not bend easily. This provides the optimum strength vs. slimness ratio
  • Dimensions. Both wallets are 3.65" long by 2.48" wide, with a side profile thickness of 0.25"



    In order to get the detail and quality needed, the wallets are machined from a solid block of material. Every surface is taken down to a tolerance of plus or minus five thousandths of an inch. There's not one detail, corner, or radius left untouched. We then texture and blend the surface of the material by hand bead blasting them to a matte finish. 


    Made In USA

    Every step in making this wallet is local, from sewing the elastic to laser engraving. We choose to only work with people we know and trust to get the job done right. No off-shore sourcing. We pride ourselves on quality of work and bringing back American manufacturing.