8 Great Last Minute Gifts for Under $150

Christmas is literally right round the corner now and this is the time that men typically embark on the annual pilgrimage of the "panic buy". Well, fear not, we've got your back at Machine Era Co this year with 8 brilliant last minute gifts that you can pick up for under $150 and which will suit any man down to the ground.

Check out our picks below:

Harvest Beard Grooming Kit

Looking to buy for the bearded individual? Then we've found something that will keep their busy face warmer in check with this glorious looking and brilliantly branded Grooming Kit from Harvest Beard. Included within the set you'll find everything you need to keep any unruly beard under control including Trimming scissors, mustache comb, beard comb, beard balm and it all comes presented in a sweet looking wood box - which makes it all the easier to wrap. Win / Win.

Price: $60

Mugr +ChaMi+ Special Edition Coffee Mug

Coffee lovers can be notoriously tricky to buy for but you simply cannot go wrong with one of these awesome looking Mugr + ChaMi Special Edition Coffee Mugs which are both aesthetically exceptional and impeccably functional. Not to mention perfect for that morning brew. These impressive mugs are double glazed with Mugr's trademark textured matte and a glossy clear finish to deliver the visual impact. Made with decades of craftsmanship skill behind it, this polished blue Mugr will brighten up any coffee lover's Christmas morning.

Price: $60

Triple Aught Design Huntsman Henley

Winter can be rough on the body so it's important to get those base layers right. And, frankly, you're not going to find many better than this Huntsman Henley from the guys at Triple Aught Design. Understated and robust, the Henley is a classic piece of apparel and they don't come much more versatile than this one from Triple Aught which boasts merino wool, Canadian tape slotted buttons along the neck opening which delivers a contemporary styling and sophistication. Any man will be lucky to see one of these excellent base layers under their tree this Christmas and it will help keep you warm well into the new year.

Price: $100

Machine Era Co Ti5 Black Wallet

No Christmas would be complete without a Machine Era Co gift under the tree and we can think of few that would be better received than one of our robust, minimalist Ti5 Wallets which will make the recipient's EDC game even stronger. Made from aerospace (Grade 5) 6al-4v Titanium and sealed with a black ‘Diamond Like Carbon’ (DLC) PVD coating, you're going to find few wallets quite as durable as this and it will be in the person's pocket for years to come we're sure.

Price: $58

Damn Handsome Grooming Co IPA Beer Soap Pump

What man doesn't love craft beer? None, that's who. So that's why you'll be putting a smile on someone's face with one of these brilliant Damn Handsome Grooming Co Beer Soap Pumps this Christmas. Made from with natural plant oils that have been blended especially for hands, body and even faces, each bottle of this glorious smelling concoction is crafted in small batches then poured by hand for an intoxicating experience every time.

Price: $14

Treeline Outdoors Socks

No Christmas is complete without a pair of socks putting in a gift appearance so you might as well make it a top notch pair with these excellent looking, robust ones from the guys at Treeline Outdoors. Immensely reliable and solidly put together, these fantastic socks are made from lambs well in Portugal and built for adventure so perfect for any wilderness loving fellow this festive period.

Price: $28

Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Bat

We've all got a baseball lover in the family and finding great gifts for them can be a bit of a slog but no more courtesy of the guys at Pillbox Bat Co and their spectacular collection of hand painted baseball bats, including our own favourite here at Machine Era Co, "Old Glory". Incredibly detailed and well made, you'll be hitting a home run of the gift giving front of your opt for one of these this Christmas - it might be a bit tricky to disguise what it is with the wrapping, however.

Price: $195 (Yes, we've gone a bit out of the budget there but these are too good to ignore)

Thread Etiquette Watch

Minimalist, well made and stylish with any outfit, the sophisticated timepieces from the guys at Thread Etiquette will make a great gift for any sartorially inclined man this Christmas. Understated in the extreme and available in a multitude of different styles and colorways, you'll definitely be able to find a variety suitable for the intended recipient and they'll be delighted with the versatility of this cracking timepiece. Incredible value and first class craftsmanship combine to make this a perfect Christmas gift in our book here at Machine Era Co.

Price: $125