6 Awesome Brands That Both You & Your Dad Probably Wear

Let's face it, when we're growing up, we often don't want to be seen with our dads let alone dress like them but the older you get, the more you realise your dad might have been on to something with his fashion sense and you'll discover more and more apparel brands that you find yourself having in common. Don't be ashamed of this, embrace it because dressing like your dad is something to be celebrated!

But which brands are still just as cool and suitable today as they may have been back in your dad's day or boast the sort of wares that are suitable for your differing age groups? A good question and one we aim to answer here at Machine Era Co with our round up of 6 Awesome Brands That You & Your Dad Probably Wear...

...take a look at our picks below:


Given that we're about the be embroiled in the depths of winter, it probably makes sense to start with a brand that both you and your dad will likely be pulling from the closet over the next few weeks and months - The North Face.

Founded in San Francisco in the late 1960's, The North Face have gone from strength to strength over the last half century or so and they are known for their high quality outdoor garments that are built for adventure and to last.

Their understated aesthetics and use of high quality materials when make them appeal to dads and sons alike and you know you're getting a quality piece of outerwear when you opt for something from The North Face.



It's probably a fact that both you and your dad have owned (or currently own) a pair of classic Levi 501 jeans because they are quite simply a timeless style staple that has never gone out of fashion and look the part on men of all ages.

Levi are another San Francisco founded brand, dating back over 150 years, so chances are that it's not just your dad but also your grandad as well who can count themselves amongst fans of the iconic brand. 

Such is the renowned quality of Levi jeans that they really have stood the test of time and spanned style generations to the point that it's completely acceptable for pretty much any man, regardless of age, to be rocking a pair of their well made and stylish jeans.



New Balance are a brand that are probably considerably older than a lot of people realise - having been founded back in Boston in 1906. They have been making first rate footwear in the USA for over 75 years and you can rest assured that if your dad doesn't have a pair of these in the closet now, he will have done back in the day.

Expertly balance style and function, the great looking footwear from New Balance has got such an expansive selection to choose from, it's easy to see why its suitable for dads and sons alike and regardless of your own personal sense of style, it is typically the unparalleled comfort of their sneakers that will keep men, young and old, coming back time and time again.



We make no secrets about our love of Filson here at Machine Era Co and they are a prime example of an apparel and lifestyle than spans the generations because, quite frankly, you can't put an age limit on fantastically crafted wares and that's all you'll ever find at Filson.

Built with the great outdoors and wilderness adventures in mind, the superb selection of outerwear and apparel from Filson will look great on sons and dads alike because of the sheer wealth of pieces available and the dedication to only producing the best, American made goods possible.

Filson having been around for well over a century now and its clear they've learnt a thing or two about crafting exceptional quality clothing in this time and it's not hard to see why fathers and sons alike would want to see this brand hanging in their closet.


Taylor Stitch

Whilst San Francisco based Taylor Stitch might not have the heritage and the years behind them that the likes of Filson do, they do have the same dedication to only crafting the best wares possible, using the finest materials available and this is the sort of ethos that appeals to men young and old alike.

Taylor Stitch are one of the most prolific menswear brands out there in terms of crafting new collections to enjoy and their superb range of outdoor inspired goods are both aesthetically superior and functional in the extreme. We're big fans of the apparel from Taylor Stitch at Machine Era Co and regardless of your sense of style, they will boast pieces that match it.


Redwing Boots

When it comes to boots, few do it better than Redwing and the likelihood is that both you and your dad will have owned a pair in your time - and maybe just the one pair because they really are built to last.

Redwing Boots have been crafting exemplary footwear for over 100 years now and their purpose built, leather work boots really are a thing of beauty - coupling robustness with style and the sort of versatility that means they're also suitable for everyday wear.

Fathers and their sons can unite in their appreciation of well made goods like Redwing Boots and with such an expansive selection from which to choose, you know that you're going to find a pair that fits the bill.